Common Questions



  1. Is it important to order with the group?

Yes! By ordering at school on your school’s order day, we will be available to help you fill out your order and check it for accuracy.  We will size your finger and have samples on hand for you to try on.  Sometimes there are special pricing and/or promotions on in-school order day.

  1. How much does it cost?

Balfour has a ring price and style that fits every budget.  An $80.00 deposit is required to get your ring started.  If you order 14K OR 18K gold, or upgrade to real diamonds, please pay at least $100.00 towards the deposit.

  1. What if I can’t order on the group order day?

If you cannot place your order with the group on the day we are in your school, please mail your order to us or order your ring online at .      Orders should be placed within 1 week of the group order day to insure that your ring will arrive at the same time as the group order.

  1. What if I miss the deadline?

Class rings can be ordered anytime.  You can mail, phone or order online at  and yes; past graduates can order with their year date, school, and mascot.

  1. What happens if I move before graduation?

If you move before graduation, Balfour will manufacture a ring appropriate to the design of your new school at no charge.

  1. What if I do not graduate the year my ring says?

Should your anticipated graduation year change before your graduation, Balfour will manufacture a replacement ring with the new graduation year at no charge.

  1. What if my ring is too big or too little?

Balfour will resize your ring for free.  Just contact your local Balfour representative or return your ring with a letter of instruction to:  Balfour Warranty Service Center, P.O. Box 149207, Austin, TX 78714-9207 (7211 Circle S Road, Austin, TX 78745).

  1. When will my ring be delivered?

Ring orders usually take 8-10 weeks.  We will contact the school and set up delivery date as soon as the rings arrive.  You will be notified prior to that date.

  1. How do I pay off my balance?

Many students submit their orders paid in full.  If you do not, payments can be mailed to our office or you may call our office to make a credit card payment.  We will give you a payment coupon book when you place your order.  Please make checks payable to “Graduate Sales”.  Please include the student’s name and school.  On ring delivery day, we ONLY ACCEPT CASH OR MONEY ORDERS.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON DELIVERY DAY.

  1. What if I lost my ring?

When you buy your Balfour custom class ring in school, the ring is automatically covered by our Ring Loss Protection plan against loss or theft.  The plan is in effect for four years from the date of purchase and covers your original ring.  Balfour will replace your lost/stolen ring for a fraction of the original cost.  This policy applies to rings purchased after July 1, 1998.

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